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Project leader Šimić Anita
Project co-leader: Dr. Ante Graovac
Administering organization: The R. Boskovic Institute, Bijenicka c. 54, HR-10002 Zagreb, POB 180, Croatia web: www.irb.hr Contact person: Andrea Mogus Milankovic, Ph.D. phone: 385.1. 4561.419; fax: 385.1.4680.245; 385.1.4680.085 E-mail: Andrea.Mogus-Milankovic@irb.hr
Partner Institution/Company: The Institute Rudjer Boskovic
Grant type: 2B
Project title: Monitoring dynamics of Croatian olive fields and vineyards using remote sensing applications
Project summary: This project phase aims to provide the assessment of number of olive trees in the Marina region in Dalmatia. In accordance with the European Union (EU), we will use Remote Sensing with Very High Resolution satellite images (QuickBird) to identify and individually position olive trees within the area. This phase will enhance further development and use of remote sensing technology in Croatia which will allow future monitoring of permanent crops across the whole country. This kind of statistical survey is important for the implementation of registers of olive fields and vineyards in Croatia which are the basis for the crop management within the frame of the Common Agricultural policy of the EU. In order to promote this technology in Croatia, we will give several presentations at the Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Sciences (MCC) 2009 conference in Dubrovnik (June 8-13 2009). We will also visit several olive fields and perform field measurements in order to perform the image analysis. The results generated at this project stage will be used in the subsequent phases, where we will explore the quality of the olive fields and vineyards using hyperspectral remote sensing (Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Applications in Monitoring Dynamics of Croatian Vineyards and Olive Fields).
Hrvatski sažetak:
Amount requested from UKF: 9.926,30 €
Amount of matching funding: 2.514,00 €
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