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Mission, Goals, Principles



(i) The mission of the Unity through Knowledge Fund is to unite scientific and professional potential in Croatia and Diaspora in development of the knowledge based society.


(i) Unity through Knowledge Fund accomplishes its mission through following goals:

Supporting research that is competitive on international level.

The Fund encourages basic and applied scientific research that creates new knowledge and exhibits potential to compete on an international level. Two project types will be financed: those that attract experts and investments into Croatia and those that enable the cooperation/leading of European and other international projects. In particular, support will be given to collaborative projects with Diaspora that enable transfer of knowledge and technology from leading international research and scientific institutions to Croatian private and public sector.

Fostering research that creates new values in Croatian economy.

The Fund supports projects that directly and indirectly strengthen the Croatian economy. The development of innovations, commercial and other application of scientific results will be financed. In particular, support will be given to the investments made by the business sector into scientific projects. In particular, support will be given to the investments made by the business sector into scientific projects. With the use of the resources of scientific and professional Diaspora, companies that apply new knowledge will be supported.

Supporting projects that help the development of research infrastructure in Croatia.

The Fund supports all initiatives that contribute to the development of scientific system in Croatia. UKF supports and encourages the development that results in competitiveness on international level, supports education and scientific excellence in order to make Croatia a desirable place for top scientists from abroad (including those from Diaspora). Projects that are in accordance to the mission of UKF through the work in administrative, infrastructural and managing segment of science and technology will be financed.


(i) Operational principles of the Fund help in the realization of the mission, forming a solid set of criteria for evaluating the Fund's activities.

1. Excellence

The Fund recognises and supports scientific, technological and managerial excellence at the highest level.

2. Transparency

The Fund's activities, decision-making and financing are fully transparent and public.

3. Equality

All project proposals are equally and justly evaluated during evaluation, and objectively and anonymously assessed.

4. Measurability

Impact and results of the financed projects must be measurable at least at the capacity adequate for evaluation.

5. Competence

The Fund's decisions are brought about solely on basis of objective and professional arguments.

6. Individual approach

The Fund fosters individual approach towards persons, projects and ideas and insists on individual responsibility of project leaders.

7. Care for projects

The Fund fosters a “motherly” approach towards projects, evaluates projects and looks after their success.

8. Finality

Decisions made by managing bodies of the Fund, according to prescribed procedures, are final and cannot be changed retrospectively.

9. Avoiding conflicts of interest

All operations and decisions will be performed by avoiding direct or indirect conflict of interest of all persons involved in procedures.

10. Ethical and other good practice in research

The Fund supports ethical and other good research practice in the sense of The European Charter for Research and subject to approval of Consent of project leader to ensure responsible conduct of research and scientific integrity.

11. Confidentiality

Project application contents, name of evaluators and results of evaluation will be kept confidential.
All actors of evaluation process have to guarantee that the privacy and confidentiality of all applications and documents submitted will be maintained.


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