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Beneficiaries and Project Proposals

Beneficiaries of the Fund

(i) Beneficiaries of the Fund’s support are Croatian legal entities, which are registered in the Register of scientific organizations. However, individuals are always appointed as leaders of an approved project and they carry the main responsibilities for the project implementation. Responsible person for the Beneficiary signs the UKF Grant Agreement with CSF and MSES. A project leader co-signs the contract and carries a part of responsibility for project execution. The contract also regulates the relationships between the legal person and individuals who carry out the project, and defines a distribution of responsibilities.

(ii) Individuals responsible for implementation of project should be: (a) Croatian citizens, living abroad or in Croatia, (b) foreign citizens of Croatian origin who are interested in contributing to the development of Croatian society and science c) foreign citizens living and working in Croatia.

(iii) All individuals with real or possible conflict of interests are excluded from the competition for Fund’s support. The individuals who take part in the process of evaluation (including members of UKF Secretariat, committees, evaluators and consultants) cannot apply for Fund’s support. Also, all applicants who try to influence the process of evaluation will be excluded from the process.

(iv) All applicants should be able to prove – prior to signing of contracts – that they operate in accordance with laws of the Republic of Croatia. In case when contractors have their affairs administered by the courts, are bankrupt or have suspended business activities, are the subject of proceedings concerning those matters, or are in any analogous situation provided for in Croatian legislation or regulations, they will be withdrawn from the evaluation or financing. Similarly, if potential contractors have been declared to be in serious violation of any other contract with state administration, they will be withdrawn from evaluation or financing by the Fund.

(v) Any contractor having been found in misrepresentation in supplying the information required as a condition for participation in the contract or failing to supply such information shall be excluded from participation in evaluation or financing by the Fund.


Project Proposals

(i) The Fund’s financial resources are assigned under the terms set out in calls for proposals and through programs. One program can have more calls published at different times. The decision to open a call for proposals and its conditions is under the authority of SC and is executed by UKF Secretariat. It is necessary to announce a call on the Fund’s web-page; and it can be additionally announced in daily papers, public internet portals and other web pages or public media.

(ii) Calls for proposals for the Fund’s programs consist of:

- name of the program within the call has been announced

- total amount of funds foreseen for the program

- mandatory and optional content of the proposal

- mandatory and optional additional materials, documents and evidence

- explicit evaluation criteria for the proposals

- time period (deadline) for submitting of the proposals

- procedure and time for announcing decisions

- requirement to all applicants to provide information to be used in the evaluation of the impact of the referred program

 (iii) Proposals have to be submitted in electronic form through the Fund’s web-page. Project proposal forms will be available on the Fund’s web pages or can be requested by e-mail. Upon receipt of proposals, the automatic web system records the date of receipt and subsequently sends automatic message of receipt by e-mail.

(iv) Proposals must include all components as defined in call, including the following:

- name and address of the legal persons applying, including names and duties of responsible persons

- name and address of the project leader and all partners in the realization of the project

- resumes/profiles of the project leader and partners on the project who will be taking part in the implementation of the project, including publications and achievements relevant for the project implementation

- legal agreements (where necessary)

- detailed business plan, i.e. project plan that includes: preconditions and conditions for successful implementation of the project, expected results and outputs of the project according to the implementation plan, impact assessment, milestones (key performance indicators according to the plan), expected impact factors of the project, clearly structured needs for human, financial and other resources and the assessment of the project risks

- financial plan for the project with income and expectations of income from other sources including documents of evidence (or intention) about co-financing of project

- owner structure, intellectual property rights and obligations related to the project

- signed Consent of project leader to ensure responsible conduct of research and scientific integrity (cf. Annex 1)

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