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Cooperability completed projects

Projects approved within Call for Proposals, My First Collaboration Grant, 2017

* Dobrijević Ognjen - Resilient controller and hypervisor placement for future communication networks (RESyST) Finished Link to the project
* Ezgeta Balić Daria  - Competition between native Ostrea edulis and invasive Crassostrea gigas oysters in the Adriatic Sea – effects on the ecosystem, fisheries and aquaculture (COCOA) Finished Link to the project
* Hudina Sandra - The effects of pollution on invasion success of a freshwater crustacean invader Finished Link to the project
* Kušter Marić Marija - Influence of concrete damage on reinforcement corrosion - computer simulation and in service performance of bridges Finished Link to the project
* Marušić Zlatko - Diagnostic potential of the nanomechanical signature in neoplastic and non-neoplastic tissues Finished Link to the project
* Previšić Ana - Emerging contaminants in freshwaters: deciphering impact on aquatic macroinvertebrate metabolic response and ecosystem transfer Finished Link to the project
* Resman Maja - Classifications of Dulac maps and epsilon-neighborhoods  Finished Link to the project
* Rešetnik Ivana - Next-generation systematics of the south-eastern European genus Aurinia (Brassicaceae): evolution and phylogeography of an intricate plant group Finished Link to the project
* Sedmak Goran - Developmental origin and phenotypic profile of white matter interstitial neurons in the human brain Finished Link to the project
* Vuletin Selak Gabriela - New approaches in understanding of the compatibility relationships and pollen–pistil interactions in olive (Olea europaea L.) Finished Link to the project
* Gjeldum Nikola - Development of integrative procedure for management of production and service improvement process  Finished Link to the project
* Šamec Dunja - Metabolomic and transcriptomic response of  kale to low temperature stress Finished Link to the project


Projects approved within 2nd Call for Proposals, 2015

* Dalbelo Bašić Bojana - Event retrieval based on semantically enriched structures for interactive user tasks (EVERBEST) Finished Link to the project
* Grbić Mihael Srđan - Quantum critical matter in strongly correlated electronic systems (Quantum CorES) Finished Link to the project
* Husnjak Koraljka - Elucidation of the physiological roles of human dipeptidyl peptidase III Finished Link to the project
* Lazić Predrag - Van der waals heterostructures: fundamentals and applications Finished  Link to the project
* Perica Slavko - Role of soil properties and environmental conditions in elemental and isotopic composition of the olive: basis for oil geographic traceability Finished Link to the project
* Petrović Ivan - Cooperative cloud based simultaneous localization and mapping in dynamic environments (cloudSLAM) Finished Link to the project
* Šepić Jadranka - Meteotsunamis, destructive long ocean waves in the tsunami frequency band: from observations and simulations towards a warning system (MESSI) Finished Link to the project


Projects approved within 1st Call for Proposals, 2013

* Ahel Ivan - Protein ADP-ribosylation in a model prokaryote Streptomyces coelicolor and human Finished Link to the project result
* Bićanić Nenad - Evidence Based Characterisation of Dynamic Sensitivity for Multiblock Structures – Computational Simulation and Experimental Validation Finished  Link to the project result
* Bogdanović Radović Ivančica - Study of modern paint materials and their stability using MeV SIMS and other analytical techniques Finished Link to the project result
* Buljan Hrvoje - Pseudo-magnetic forces and fields for atoms and photons Finished Link to the project result
* Došlić Nađa - Time resolved photoelectron spectroscopy as a probe for ultrafast excited state dynamics Finished Link to the project result
* Đerđ Igor - Multifunctional complex metal tellurates: Structure-property relationship study Finished Link to the project result
* Gruić Sovulj Ita - The origin of amino acid specificity in editing class I aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases and cellular requirements for proofreading Finished Link to the project result
* Hrabar Silvio - Passive and Active Metamaterial Structures for Guiding, Scattering and Radiation of Electromagnetic Energy Finished Link to the project result
* Jovanović Neven - Croatica et Tyrolensia - a digital comparison of Croatian and Tyrolean neo-Latin literature Finished Link to the project result
* Katušić Hećimović Silva - Lysosomal dysfunction as a common mechanism of neurodegenerative diseases Finished Link to the project result
* Nosil Patrik - The effects of pollution on rapid evolution and ecological change in the Mediterranean mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) Finished Link to the project result
* Pavin Nenad - The role of microtubule pivoting in formation of complex structures such as microtubule bundles and mitotic spindles Finished Link to the project result
* Pavletić Steven Živko - Clinical and biological factors determining severity and activity of chronic graft- versus-host disease after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation Finished Link to the project result
* Planinić Mirko - Study of the momentum correlations in high energy collisions using event structure criteria and ALICE detector at LHC Finished Link to the project result
* Polić Bojan - The role of pathogen-driven inflammation of visceral adipose tissue in the development of Diabetes Mellitus type II Finished Link to the project result
* Vilibić Ivica - Interpreting and forecasting Adriatic surface currents by an artificial brain (NEURAL) Finished Link to the project result
* Vuletić Tomislav - Confined DNA Finished Link to the project result

Cooperability completed projects (from 2007 until 2012)

Projects approved within 1st Call for Proposals, 2007

* Babić Emil - Enhancement of electromagnetic properties of MgB2 superconductor by magnetic nanoparticle doping Finished Link to the project result
* Banfic Hrvoje - Chemical genetic approach to identifying inhibitors of nuclear lipid signaling Finished Link to the project result
* Crnkovic Ivica - DICES - Distributed Component-based Embedded Software Systems Link to the project result
* Gajski Daniel - Application-oriented Embedded System technology Finished Link to the project result
* Kaštelan-Macan Marija - Reduction of environmental risks posed by pharmaceuticals and their degradation products in process wastewaters, through RO/NF membrane treatment (REPHAD) Finished Link to the project result
* Kostović Ivica - Neuroimaging, neurogenomics and pharmacogenomics of the frontal lobe connectivity: normal development and abnormalities in developmental cognitive disorders Finished Link to the project result
* Kuljača Ognjen - Applied neuro-fuzzy control of turbine governors and ship rudder systems Finished Link to the project result
* Trgovcich Joanne - Transcriptomic Approach to Viral Disease Research Finished Link to the project result
* Weber Igor - Biophotonics approach to regulation of the actin cytoskeleton dynamics by small GTPase proteins Finished Link to the project result
* Weygand-Durasevic Ivana - Macromolecular complexes of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases and their role in translational quality control and non-ribosomal peptide synthesis Finished Link to the project result
* Zagrovic Bojan - Worldwide distributed computing in molecular biology: from dynamic activation of enzymes to the problem of conformational averaging in structure determination-Finished Link to the project result

Project approved within 2nd Call for Proposals, 2008

* Desnica Vladan - Research, development and construction of portable micro X-Ray Fluorescence device Finished Link to the project result
* Dujić Željko - Physiology of SCUBA diving Finished Link to the project result
* Gajović Srećko - Regeneration and plasticity after ischemic brain damage studied on innovative transgenic mouse models Finished Link to the project result
* Kirin Srećko - Organometallic and inorganic bioconjugates as potential enantioselective catalysts Finished Link to the project result
* Kragić Danica - Improving GRAsping Movements by predictions based on Observation Finished Link to the project result
* Volarevic Siniša - Regulation of the p53 tumor suppressor by ribosomal proteins in physiological and pathological conditions. Finished Link to the project result

Project approved within 3rd Call for Proposals, 2010

* Bašić Josipa - Implementation of evidence-based prevention program of socio-emotional learning through science evaluation and it’s application into Croatian kindergartens and primary schools (PATHS-RASTEM) Finished Link to the project result
* Ciglenečki-Jušić Irena - Nanoparticles in aqueous environment: electrochemical, nanogravimetric, STM and AFM studies Finished Link to the project result
* Deletis Vedran - Neurophysiologic markers generated by electrical and magnetic stimulation of motor speech related cortical areas  Finished Link to the project result
* Gracin Davor - Nano - structural  materials for thin film solar cells  Finished Link to the project result
* Maksić Mirjana - Mechanochemistry for the clean and efficient metal-catalysed synthesis of pharmaceutical targets and the study of their molecular recognition  Finished Link to the project result
* Šalković-Petrišić Melita - Cytopathological characterization of the brain in a rat model of sporadic Alzeimer disease Finished Link to the project result
* Tutiš Eduard - New electronic states driven by frustration in layered materials  Finished Link to the project result
* Valla Tonica - Photolithographic synthesis and electronic properties of graphene-based devices and related structures Finished Link to the project result
* Vukičević Slobodan - Bone morphogenetic protein-1 isoforms in bone regeneration  Finished Link to the project result


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