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Matching funds

Matching funds

Matching funds refer to funding from other sources which, in addition to the funds obtained from the UKF, is secured by the projects for the purpose of the project implementation.

Ministry of Science and Education has within STP II ensured 4,8 million EUR for projects awarded within five calls of proposals and financed 38 projects within the “Research Cooperability" program” , 1 project within “Young Researchers and Professionals" program” and 20 projects within the "Connectivity" program. In total 4,735 million EUR were spent. 

Other funds, additional 39,8% (1.898.176 EUR) have been ensured by international scientific-research institutions (1.147.929 EUR), public and scientific research institutions in Croatia (674.755 EUR) and by domestic private sector (66.548 EUR) and foreign private sector (8.944 EUR).
Structure of matching funds in percentages:


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