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Connectivity Program


The objective of the Gaining Experience Grant is to open opportunities for outstanding scientists and professionals from Croatia to visit the excellent research and development facilities abroad in order to establish cooperation and/or acquire new skills necessary for advancing S&T competitiveness in Croatia.
The visit must focus on: a) establishing or improving an international joint project with a goal to attract investment or prepare a grant application; b) the transfer of necessary knowledge that contributes to the strengthening of the market potential of a knowledge-based enterprise c); the transfer of the knowledge and skills necessary to create some other added values for science and technology.
Talented scientists, who live and work in Croatia and have obtained a PhD up to 10 years from the date of opening of this Call for proposals may apply for support of short-term visits lasting maximum for 6 months. Within this period, applicant can request support for one travel, as required for the proposal outcome. This grant is awarded in the form of a fellowship for professional training and scientific research.
Prerequisite for successful application is a professional development plan approved by the applicant’s host abroad, with clear benefit for Croatia from hers/his staying abroad.
For details, criteria and application requirements, please consult Call for proposals and pertaining documents.  

Application deadline:  February 1, 2019 until midnight
The visit proposal (all forms and letters) must be submitted in English language or equally in both Croatian and English language (link for forms in Croatian language)

Documentation for the call:

Call for Proposals - Gaining Experience Grant 2018 (pdf)

Forms for the application:

Instructions for Applicants 2018 - English (pdf)


Please check one more time if your application fulfils formal eligibility criteria:
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