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(i) The evaluators are independent (i.e. not representing any involved organization) experts that assist in the evaluation of formally eligible proposals. The UKF Secretariat selects evaluators from highly qualified and ethical individuals from Croatia or abroad. They can come from the fields of science, industry or innovation with the highest level of expertise in the field. The evaluators are internationally recognized authorities in the relevant specialist area. They are expected to have knowledge and skills appropriate to their areas of work.

(ii) The names of the independent experts that take part in any particular evaluation process are not made public.

(iii) In the case of all eligible proposals in a call, the UKF Secretariat chooses up to three anonymous evaluators per project proposal after consultation with SC, ensuring that persons with possible conflict of interest in no way participate in the process of evaluation.

(iv) An Invitation letter is sent to each independent expert containing a description of their duties. The evaluators are asked to accept this letter as a confirmation of accepting their duties and the general rules governing the duties. They are also asked to accept the Code of conduct for evaluators (cf. Annex 2).

(v) In the case that an individual who participates in evaluation has a direct conflict of interest – i.e. a person who is employed by the same institution (department) and works in collaboration with any of the persons involved in proposal; or a person who is involved in preparation of proposal, closely related to any of the persons involved in proposal through financial interests, kinship or friendship, present, past or future business connections – he/she cannot serve in the evaluation process. In case that an individual who participates in evaluation has indirect conflict of interest – a person who is employed by a legal entity (faculty) involved in proposal, would directly benefit from the proposal being funded or not funded in the context of own professional activities, having any other relationship affecting his/her impartiality – he/she may take part in evaluations but cannot evaluate such proposal and cannot take part in related discussion.

(vi) The evaluators are rewarded for their service according to the guidelines set out by the Steering Committee and respectively, their travel costs are reimbursed in case they are invited to participate in evaluation discussion

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