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Participation in international calls
Thanks to the use of systematic and transparent selection methodology, the Unity through Knowledge Fund supported high-quality scientific-research groups that have been additionally strengthened with the support of the Fund by receiving the necessary competence and knowledge to enable participation in very competitive call for proposals of the European and international scientific communities. Newly acquired skills and knowledge, as well as networking with excellent world scientific-research institutions, enabled scientist groups a far more competitive approach and herewith a favorable capacity for attracting European and other international financial sources, especially within the Seventh Framework Program of the European Union (FP7) for research and technological development.
The projects financed within the Fund realized great success among the applications for call for proposals in the FP7 program for research and technological development – success thereof is in the 28% range. The Fund invested 4,6 million EUR in the acceptance of projects, and an additional 9,03 million EUR was extracted from the FP7 program, entitled to Croatian partners. In addition to the financing, success of the Fund’s projects within FP7 provided Croatian research groups with international recognition, visibility and competitiveness in a worldwide scope.
Success of the Fund’s project in attracting resources from the FP7 program for research and technological development 

Proportion of accepted applications of completed projects of the Fund, financed within the Research Cooperability Programs and within Young Researchers and Professionals Programs – 48 projects, in relation to the total number of accepted applications from the Republic of Croatia of FP7.

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