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1C My First Collaboration Grant - currently closed
Research Cooperability Program

Research Cooperability Program supports small and medium-scale collaborative research projects in Croatia with involvement of scientific and professional Croatian Diaspora.

The program goal: To attract promising research projects to Croatian companies and institutions together with international/private financing, their accompanying knowledge, technologies and potential research results.

Objective of the "My First Collaboration" Grant: The grant is aimed for scientists at postdoctoral level, from business and academic sector, to unlock their innovation potential trough lead of scientific and technological projects in collaboration with experienced scientists or experts from Diaspora and to increase their professional experience and boost career in science or industrial research and development.

Eligible candidates: Outstanding Croatian or foreign scientist who live and work in Croatia who have gained a PhD from at least 2 years up to 7 years from the date of the opening of the call. In a case that the main applicant obtained two PhD degrees, the period from obtaining the first PhD degree is counted. Period spent for maternity leave is exempted.

Minimum award: 187.500 HRK
Maximum award: 300.000 HRK
Application deadline: until Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 until midnight

Documentation for the call:

Call for Proposals "My First Collaboration", 2016 (pdf)

Forms for the application:
Instructions for Applicants, 2016 (pdf)


Examples of the following forms in the documentation for the call: 
Please check one more time if your application fulfil formal eligibility criteria

Check list

Supporting documentation for project proposals recommended for financing:

For every project proposal recommended for financing, applicants will be obliged, during the negotiations, to prove that their project is in accordance with "Environmental Management Framework", which is the condition for financing. 
Document "Environmental Management Framework" are guidelines which set the environmental screening categories of the projects. Applicants will be obliged to fulfill the "Environmetal Screening Form" (Annex A - Environmetal Management Framework).

For every project proposal recommended for financing, applicants will be obliged, during the negotiations, to fulfil the Procurement plan form” in accordance with Extract 1. CSF – Procurement arrangements for sub-beneficiaries of UKF programs which is the document that sets out the guidelines and procedures which are to be used for procurement on the project. The procurement plan must be submitted after the Financial plan is approved and before the project start.

Contract forms for projects financed by UKF

The Grant Agreement and Colaboration Agreement will be signed with the projects which are awarded the UKF Grant. The Colaboration Agreement also regulate the Intelectual Property Rights.
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