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Statistics STP I
The purpose of the 'Unity through knowledge' Fund statistics is to present you up-to-date results of the UKF Fund Programs using project performance indicators. Information given is partial since most of the projects are still ongoing and will be updated periodically, ie every 3 months.
1. General UKF project performance indicators per Programs and particular calls for proposals

In the period from December 2007 until June 2011, 91 scientific and technological projects were launched, 10 of which are still ongoing and the funds committed equal over 5 million EUR. In the same period 325 project proposals were submitted to all UKF Fund Programs and the overall funds requested were about 24,8 million EUR.
UKF project performance indicators related to the number of scientists involved in the projects (domestic, foreign, diaspora), number of institutions involved (domestic, foreign), number of partners from the industry and the total amount of matching funds ensured by the economy sector already show good Program results.
Project performance indicators related to overall number of scientists and experts and especially of foreign scientists and institutions involved in the UKF projects point out at the intense transfer of knowledge and technology achieved.
There are also good results achieved in the promotion of the scientific projects and their recognition by the industry that invested additional funds in UKF projects.

Table 1
Gives the data related to the number of projects and the total amount of funds ensured by UKF, number of scientists, (domestic, foreign, diaspora), number of institutions (domestic, foreign), partners from the industry, and the amounts/proportions of additional funds attracted from domestic and foreign institutions. Data are shown according to the calls for proposals and programs.

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