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Results of the Call for proposals for Cooperability Program, My first Collaboration Grant

Under the  Call for proposals for Cooperability Program of the „Unity through Knowledge Fund“ which was announced within the Second Science and Technology Project (STP II)  and was opened from December 23, 2016 until March 08, 2017 at midnight, a total of 43 project proposals were submitted (16 projects are in the research area of natural sciences, 10 of technical sciences, 9 of bio-medical sciences, 5  of biotechnical sciences, 1 of social sciences and 1 in the research area of humanities and 1 in interdisciplinary areas of science).
On the Steering Committee meeting held on March 20, 2017 the UKF Secretariat gave the Steering Committee members an insight into all project proposals submitted to the Call. The analysis of the formal compliance and incompliance of the project proposals to the Call’s propositions was presented.
Without getting into the content and quality of each project proposal, the Steering Committee agreed with the analysis of formal eligibility and concluded that the project proposals which did not meet some of the formal criteria of the Call would not be entered into the evaluation process.
39 project proposals were evaluated according to the Call criteria in the peer – review evaluation procedure  However, the formal eligibility check has been continued during the evaluation process.  UKF Secretariat, in accordance with the Guidelines and Procedures - Second Science and Technology Project (STP II) 2016 may bring decision to exclude a proposal for failing one or more eligibility criteria at any appropriate moment before, during or after the evaluation sessions, when ineligibility has been proven. This decision is final and cannot be subject to further complaints.
The evaluation procedure included three evaluators internationally recognized authorities in the relevant specialist area (117 in total), in accordance with the Call criteria and the procedure set in  the Guidelines and Procedures - Second Science and Technology Project (STP II) 2016  and the Evaluation Guidelines of Unity Through Knowledge Fund 2012. Apart from evaluators’ marks, another mark is given by Steering Committee to each proposal assessing the contribution of the project to the Fund’s goals. In accordance with the evaluators' mark and the mark given by Steering Committee, the final mark was generated.
This evaluation procedure is in accordance with the above mentioned documents which are published on www.ukf.hr.
Due to the large number of high-quality project proposals and limited financial resources of the Fund, the threshold for the final mark is set at a high 4,16. Therefore, in the end, only 10 proposals (2 from the field of technical sciences, 2 from bio-medical sciences, 1 from bio-technical sciences and 5 projects from the field of natural sciences) which have received very high marks from both the evaluators and the Steering Committee were conditionally recommended for financing.
UKF Secretariat sent the decisions with explanations and evaluation reports  to all project proposers on July 27, 2017.
The UKF Secretariat with assistance and under guidance of Steering Committee performed negotiations with proposers whose project proposals were conditionally recommended. After finishing negotiations and revisions of the involved proposals, the proposers whose projects proposals were approved  for financing signed the Grant Agreements in the amount of 2,93 million HRK (390,66 k EUR). More details about the financed projects can be found on the website of the Fund "Unity Through Knowledge".
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