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Research that begun within the UKF project Confined DNA has resulted in a further publication in a high impact journal, NanoLetters (IF=14)

Team leader prof. A. Rađenović from EPFL, Switzerland and Sanjin Marion, assistant from Institute of physics, Zagreb, with other coworkers, have provided a new insight on translocation of macromolecules through nanosized constrictions - nanopores or nanocapillaries. They were able to observe different proteins bound to DNA strands during translocation of these complexes through nanocapillary. The measured binding positions showed a shift from the positions expected from the DNA sequence. The authors were able to explain the shift  both analytically and with a stochastic model. Thus they provided a proof of concept for discrimination between different DNA−protein complexes simultaneous to the localization of their binding sites -a step en route to practical nanopore devices. 

Single Molecule Localization and Discrimination of DNA-Protein Complexes by Controlled Translocation Through Nanocapillaries

Roman D. Bulushev*, Sanjin Marion*, Ekaterina Petrova*, Sebastian J. Davis*, Sebastian J. Maerkl, Aleksandra Rađenović

Nano Letters (2016)

doi: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.6b04165



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