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1A Homeward Grant - currently closed

Research Cooperability Program is a research support program that finances medium-scale collaborative research projects in Croatia that fulfil the conditions outlined in the Fund’s goals, with involvement of Croatian scientific and professional Diaspora.

The program goal: to attract promising research projects to Croatian companies and institutions together with their international/private financing, their accompanying knowledge, technology and potential research results.

The total amount foreseen in 2009: 6.500.000 HRK.

Objective of the "Homeward" Grant: to attract Croatian scientists and experts from abroad to return home in order to enhance Croatia’s competitiveness.

Eligible candidates: the outstanding experienced researchers and experts of Croatian nationality or origin, who have build their carrier abroad and still live abroad, but were offered a position at an organization in Croatia or have returned to Croatia and took a position at an organization in Croatia within past two years.

Maximum award: 1 470 000  HRK.
Application deadline: Tuesday, 15 December 2009. until midnigt



  • Call for Proposals (html, pdf)

  • Application Form (doc)

  • Financial Plan Form (xls)

  • Curiculum Vitae Form (doc)

  • Instructions for Applicants 2009 (pdf)

  • UKF Guidelines and Procedures 2007 (pdf)

    Example of Grant Agreement

    Example of Financial plan

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