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Participation in international calls
Participation in international calls, in Scientific Centres of Excellence, attracting resources from ESI funds
STP II goals are to support Croatia in the absorption of EU funds in the research and innovation sector by improving selected public sector organizations' capacity to qualify for and manage EU Funds in the area of research and innovation and to develop a pipeline of public and private R&D projects, including research groups, that could qualify for financing through EU structural funds.
The Fund has continued with its current practice, in accordance with one of the Fund's goals, which is supporting research that is competitive on international level and enabling groups of scientists to acquire knowledge and skills working on the UKF projects as well as to network with the world's top scientific research institutions, and to improve capacity for attracting European and other international sources of funding, especially within the Horizon 2020.
Some of the projects results, knowledge and human resources development achieved through UKF projects will be used and further developed through the ESI funds. A number of UKF scientists continued their research through the scientific centres of excellence.
Attracted funds
So far, the 17 UKF projects leaders as well as projects participants of all 17 projects within the Cooperability program have attracted 16% of the total amount they applied for, i.e. over 3.6 mil EUR, which exceedes the total amount that UKF invested in the projects.

Chart No 1

Chart No 1 shows the proportion of total funds that 17 UKF projects participants attracted from the Structural Funds, European and international sources of funding, in relation to the total amount that they applied for[1].

The list of Scientific centres of excellence which involve UKF projects participants

[1] Results shown in the chart do not include projects submitted by UKF organizations for which the evaluation process is still ongoing.


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