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3A My First Research Topic Grant - currently closed

Young Researchers and Professionals Program

Young Researchers and Professionals Program fosters young researchers and professionals both from Croatia and diaspora within all aspects of their professional advancement. Program is committed to support “brain-gain” to Croatian innovative small and medium enterprises, universities and research institutions.

Program goal: to unlock the innovation potential by allowing young scientists and experts to lead projects autonomously. Program encompasses projects of researchers and professionals at postgraduate and postdoctorate level, up to 5 years after doctorate.  Projects should enable transfer of knowledge, skills and investments into Croatia.

3A “My First Research Topic” Grant

The objective of the “My First Research Topic” Grant is to give an opportunity to outstanding young researchers and experts, either from Croatia or from abroad to develop their innovative ideas.

The applicants must have gained a doctorate within last 5 years or be just about to finish a doctorate. The grant will help the young scientist to increase their experience and boost career in science or industrial research and development.

Application deadline: 15 January 2009

Grant size: max 50.000 EUR,
  • Call for Proposals - My first research topic grant (html, pdf)

  • Application Form (doc)
  • Financial Plan Form (xls)
  • Curriculum Vitae Form (doc)

  • Instructions for Applicants (pdf)

  • UKF Guidelines and Procedures 2007 (pdf)

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